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Need a cash machine?


I am often asked which is the nearest banking machine to withdraw money…THE ANSWER The bank in the centre of Teguise ( The old town) This is a short drive away from the villas in Nazaret or if you are feeling fit you can walk it takes about 25 minutes. There are lots of lovely shops in Teguise and I highly recommend a trip on none market day.

We have limited availability this year so please drop a line if you wish to take a break.

Thinking of next year? Don’t leave it too late.




Court Orders That Bodega Stratvs Can Re-Open
While the trial of the people accused of the illegal build and opening licence for the bodega continues, the provincial court has ruled that it can be re-opened. The ruling is not related to the legality of the building, only to the fact that it was closed as a “precautionary measure” because of drainage issues. In the courts ruling, they stated that the closure notice, which was in place for four years, should now be lifted.

This is great news as I know a lot of our clients love this bodega.

Visit the island of La Graciosa


In the interests of peace, I’ll change the question so that there’s no room for verbal warfare. How many islands are there in the Canary Islands which are just one big beach populated by a few hundred islanders and surrounded by ridiculously turquoise seas?

The answer is one.

When you think of unspoilt paradises where you can get away from it all and let it all hang out (in this case literally – nude sunbathing is common) as you stroll along empty golden beaches, the image you’ve painted in your head might look a lot like La Graciosa off the north coast of Lanzarote.

About the Island of La Graciosa

La Graciosa is a tiny desert island made up of sand and volcanic cones. It’s around 8 kilometres in length and 4 kilometres wide. There are two small villages, Pedro Barba and Caleta del Sebo, which are home to the island’s population, numbering somewhere between 600 and 700. Pedro Barba was the original settlement, its residents made a living from salting fish until the 19th century.

Now most people live in La Caleta del Sabo, a fishing village and port for the boats which ferry people across from Lanzarote.Being dropped in La Caleta del Sabo can feel a bit like being deposited in a North African outpost. The sea ebbs and flows almost to the walls of some buildings and roads through the town aren’t tarmacked. There are only a handful of cars on the sandy streets, curiously mostly Landrovers.

What to do on La Graciosa

The obvious answer is to lie in the sun and just forget about the world. The beaches are the stuff of desert island dreams; long, golden and gloriously wild.

Some people hire bikes and set off along the sandy tracks in search of their own patch of paradise, but it’s no hardship to dump the shoes to walk barefoot along the sand. Possibly the most stunning beach on La Graciosa is Playa de las Conchas, a 5 kilometre hike from La Caleta. Closer, and nearly as perfect, is Playa de la Cocina, about an hour’s trek south from La Caleta. One thing to note, there is no shade, so it’s searing walking conditions… but there is always that sparkling water to cool things down if it gets too hot.

A nice way to arrive at La Graciosa is to take an organised tour that drops you off at one of the island’s playas by Zodiac. Arriving at a near empty beach by dinghy just seems the appropriate way to do it in style.

Plus, doing it this way means you get to notch up some quality beach time before strolling leisurely back to La Caleta del Sebo for a lunch of locally caught fish. After that it’s a short walk to the port to catch the ferry back to Lanzarote… or not. There are places to stay if La Graciosa has seduced you so much you can’t drag yourself away.


Getting to La Graciosa

Two boats sail to La Graciosa from Órzola on Lanzarote regularly throughout the day, Maritimas Romero and Biosfera Express. A return trips costs €20 and the last boat departs around sunset.

Where to tee off in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote’s known for its lunar landscape. But there are some green spaces, particularly the island’s two golf courses. Introducing Costa Teguise Golf and Lanzarote Golf.

We’ll give you full course descriptions shortly. But before we do that, let us explain what makes Lanzarote such an ideal golfing destination. We’ve four reasons for you.

1.) On Lanzarote, golf’s a family affair

British golf clubs can be stuffy establishments. Invariably, there’s a long waiting list and membership appears to be as much about keeping up with the Joneses as enjoying some sporting activity. The UK golf course also tends to be the preserve of the middle-aged, middle-class male.

Things are very different on Lanzarote. Golf’s considered a young person’s game. And just as you’ll see more children in the restaurants on the island, you’ll also find more kids on the golf courses over there.

2.) The views

The Canarian night sky’s noted for the number of stars you can see, with La Palma home to the most important astronomical observatories. Scientists explain this stellar activity’s the result of low levels of pollution across the island. These are evident during the day too with the clarity of the wild blue yonder creating some stunning vistas.

3.) The climate

The renowned Köppen climate classification ranks Lanzarote as one of its Group B dry (arid and semiarid) climates, The island’s desert-like conditions guarantee an average annual temperature of 21°C (70°F). So golfers tend to favour shorts over tweed trousers.

4.) The peace and quiet

Around 140,000 people live on an island spanning 845.9 square kilometres (327 square miles). That’s roughly equivalent to the population of built-upon Basildon residing in a land space over 20 times bigger. So, a golf course is rarely crowded and is instead a great place to go and get away from it all.

Costa Teguise Golf

Costa Teguise Golf opened in 1978. Designed by British course architect John Harris, the course incorporates lava spilt from a now-dormant volcano, along with cacti and in excess of 3,500 palm trees. You couldn’t ask for a more tropical setting.

As well as offering golf courses and rental of clubs, buggies, putting green, driving room and approach, Costa Teguise Golf’s home to a pro shop. You’ll also find a restaurant. Restaurante Getaria specializes in traditional Basque cuisine as well as more modern fusion cooking.

There are local rules to adhere to. For example, the unpaved paths are counted as part of the course. Also if the ball nestles amongst the lava stones, it can be dropped.

Contact details: Avenida del Golf, s/n, 35509, Costa Teguise . (+34) 928 590 512. website.

Distance from airport: 13.5km (8.4 miles)

Distance from Arrecife: 7.9km (4.9 miles)

Distance from Puerto del Carmen: 20.7km (12.9 miles)

Green fees: 55-72€

Lanzarote’s 10 most popular beaches

The most beautiful beaches of the Canary Islands are principally found in the Gran Canaria province. It’s the eastern islands which are nearer to Africa that are sandier. As you can see from this top 10 of Lanzarote beaches where no grain of sand was left unturned in search of the finest playas the island has to offer. So, which one(s) will you be sunning yourselves on?

With our print-out-and-keep guide, we’ll provide a preview pic and beach description. You’ll also be able to see in which municipality the beaches are located plus how long they are. Your holiday planning just got a little easier thanks to a resident expert.

1.) Playa Francesa

If it’s isolation you crave, hop on to a ferry from Órzola to La Graciosa, the Canary Island’s unofficial eighth isle. Allegedly the setting for Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, these days you’ll find more yachts than pirate ships. Although don’t let that stop you letting out a loud “yo ho ho”, me hearties, when you first set eyes on Playa Francesa, La Graciosa’s Southern belle of a beach which is a 45-minute hike from capital Caleta de Sebo.

A capital whose locals have to sweep the bonsai metropolis’ streets clean of sand each morning. Where the only way to get round is by 4X4, bike, or Shanks’ Pony. Which option will you choose? Municipality: Teguise Beach length: 435m

2.) Playa de Papagayo

The title’s a bit of a misnomer, as there’s not just one Papagayo beach but a series of them. However, the main Papagayo playa’s the last one you’ll reach before the Punta del Papagayo, travelling east from Playa Blanca. These out-of-the-way beaches are best travelled to by on foot or by 4×4 along a dirt track, although a water taxi’s another option.

It’s best to bring your own food and drink because although there is a chiringuito (beach shack) above Papagayo, it’s tourist-pricey rather than local-cheap. So, travelling light can turn out to be a more expensive option. Although the lone shack’s a great place to watch the sun go down in this most idylllic of settings. Municipality: Tías Beach length: 120m

3.) Playa Chica

Puerto del Carmen’s prettiest beach is always one of its shortest. Aka Pila de la Barrilla, Playa Chica’s a sheltered beach marked by the stillness of its waters. This makes it popular with divers, eager to catch a glimpse of the not-so-elusive Felix, a 50-kilo grouper fish. Municipality: Tías Beach length: 90m

4.) Playa de Famara

What appears to be a never-ending beach does indeed extend into kilometres. The wind’s a factor if you’re planning to eat on the playa itself. Thankfully, there are bars looking out onto the beach where you’re less likely to end up with a sandy sandwich.

Playa Famara’s one of Lanzarote’s beaches which are most frequented by surfers. Indeed, Magic Seaweed offer a free 10-day surf forecast if you’re planning on riding some waves during your holiday. This covers swell and wind. Municipality: Teguise Beach length: 6km

5.) Playa Flamingo

The palm trees and parasols will keep you cool as the heat of a year-round summer beats down on your body. Further shade’s provided by the terraces of the bars and restaurants on the promenade above this popular Playa Blanca beach. Do wear flip flops, though, to protect your feet from the white (hot) sand. Municipality: Yaiza Beach length: 200m

6.) Playa de las Conchas

This La Graciosa beach’s more a place for acquiring an all-over tan than a spot of swimming. Just look at those waves. If you’ve never tried naturism before, this is a good a place to start as any as there are easily more shells than people on the appropriately-named Las Conchas.

If you do brave the water, it won’t be for long as the current has a boomerang effect. Best to lie back and look at the neighbouring isles of Montaña Clara, Roque del Oeste, and Alegranza. Minimize your activity and embrace slow living instead. Municipality: Teguise Beach length: 610m

7.) Playa Blanca

What was once the beach of an old fishing village now lends its name to one of Lanzarote’s family-friendliest resorts. Close to restaurants galore, how about cooling off with an ice-cream from one of the parlours?And it’s a mere 10-minute stroll from the bus station to beach. Municipality: Yaiza Beach length: 40m

8.) Playa Caletón Blanco

Just like on other Canarian islands such as Gran Canaria and Tenerife, Lanzarote’s north coast’s a stretch of shoreline which many visitors miss out on as they head down to the resorts in the south of the island. But how can you miss out on Órzola’s Caletón Blanco beach? Where ebony, as in the dark black lava rocks, and ivory, as in the bone-white sand, live together in perfect harmony. Note to Paul McCartney: it’s not just on your piano keyboard, matey.

Part of the malpais (badlands) belonging to La Corona volcano, this is Lanzarote gone wild. There’s no car park, meaning you can leave your vehicle on the beach itself. The natural swimming pools created by the tide are great early-learning centres for young paddlers.

Municipality: Haría Beach length: 500m

9.) Playa de Mujeres

Papagayo’s biggest beach is also its busiest. Which might have something to do with the fact it’s the first of the series of Playas de Papagayo you hit, travelling from the direction of Playa Blanca. As well as being the ideal destination for beach lovers, history buffs will love exploring the ruins of a limestone quarry and bunkers used in the Second World War. Municipality: Yaiza Beach length: 395m

10.) Playa de la Cera

A third and final Papagayo beach is also the last on our list of our top 10 beaches in Lanzarote. Again like the other Playas de Papagayo, its beauty is partly preserved by its inaccessibility. So rent out a 4×4 or dig out your old hiking boots to reach one of the island’s natural wonders by dirt track. Muncipality: Yaiza Beach length: 105m

Miguel’s recipe for Mojo sauce

Everyone who comes to Lanzarote loves Mojo – the sauce served with bread, potatoes or fish as a Canarian staple. And every local chef has their own recipe, which they are convinced is the best in the world!

Mojos Pin it! Share on Facebook

Here’s mine:

Mojo Verde


Large bundle of coriander leaves pulled off the stems (called cilantro here)

4 cloves of garlic

Juice of half a lemon

2 Tablespoons of wine or cider vinegar

A small green pepper (or half one if you can’t find the small type)

A large pinch of cumin

Two slices of bread, crusts removed

(I quite often add a small chili, although that isbn’t normal with green mojo)


Blitz everything except the bread and oil in a food processor. Once the ingredients have smashed down a little, add the bread torn into chunks, then drizzle in the oil until the sauce is at the consistency you like – it can be thick and chunky or thin and drizzly! Taste and adjust seasoning, and add vinegar if you feel it needs more.

11 Things For Mature Couples To Do In Lanzarote

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The kids have left home, and you’re still holidaying on your favourite island. You’ve probably done all the usual things here, often for the benefit of the youngsters, but now it’s time to enjoy your time in Lanzarote.

Hire A Car

Essential for many of the suggestions we’ve come up with, and having a car makes the more interesting places in Lanzarote so much more accessible. Car hire her is cheap – as little as €80 a week. But if you prefer something racy or roofless, the choice is vast! We can help: Lanzarote Car Hire.

Visit The Agricultural Museum

 Museo Agricola El Patio is in the centre of the island. It’s the oldest farm on the island and is still worked today. It provides a wonderful snapshot of island life before tourism, and you can buy local wine there!

Have A Meal In A Sociedad

We’re big fans of the island’s sociedades. Most villages have one, and they offer fabulous home cooked food at prices you won’t believe. Be brave enough to visit one, and you will be welcomed with open arms and you’ll enjoy a culinary treat.

Visit The Cactus Garden

You might have put off visiting this attraction for years. I did – I thought it would be boring! But Manrique’s garden is a masterpiece with over 7,000 plants to look at. August and September are the best months to catch them in flower. There’s also a café there where you can buy a burger made from Tunera cactus!

Visit Tenesar

 Tenesar is known locally as the “lost village.” It’s on the coast, off the main road in Tinajo. The village was pretty much cut off from the rest of the island during the volcanic eruptions, but the access was re-opened with a new road and some of the houses there are now occupied.

Enjoy A Tasting Menu

Some of Spain’s top chefs work here and visit Lanzarote regularly. They often plan tasting menus – Menus de degustacion, where you can try many small courses of their creations. Look out for them on our pages, but events are regularly held in the island’s top restaurants and hotels.


Arrecife has so much to offer anyone who loves Lanzarote. Get there early and enjoy wandering the narrow streets to stumble across some really interesting shops. Have a coffee break on the 17th floor of The Arrecife Gran Hotel, then visit the new marina. Finally enjoy lunch around Charco San Ginés and then relax on the fabulous Sandy Playa El Reducto and cool off with a dip.

Go On A Wine Tour

Lanzarote’s wine making history goes back to the 1700’s. Wine cultivation here is completely different to anywhere else in the world, due to the harsh conditions, and results in some exceptional wines. You can visit the bodegas for tours and tastings yourself, or join an organised tour.

Ride The Water Taxi

The water taxi runs between Puerto del Carmen and Puerto Calero. Leave the car at one end, and walk to the other, have a coffee and cake and then jump on the boat to get back to your car.

Visit The Casino

Lanzarote’s casino is in Puerto del Carmen, and whilst it’s not in the same league as Las Vegas, it offers all the usual games along with a sophisticated atmosphere.

Get Your Kit Off!

Charco del Palo is Lanzarote’s naturist village. It’s a charming place, right on the coast and has a lagoon style beach and a swimming area set in the coastal rocks. Nudity is the norm there, so if you like the idea of sunbathing and swimming without clothing, then pay the place a visit!

Whichever of these you choose for your next visit, have a fabulous time!

Using your mobile here New rates for Roaming

Roaming With Your Devices On Holiday In Lanzarote

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As of 15th June 2017, a new EU law has come into effect which gives all EU citizens an entitlement to “Roam like at home.” For most of you who visit Lanzarote, it means you will be able to take advantage of our excellent 4g coverage while on holiday here.

Essentially, the new law means you can enjoy the same benefits, in terms of speed and amount of data, as you do at home, without paying more for the privilege.If you have a contract with a mobile operator which includes roaming services it will automatically be considered as a roam like at home contract. The default option for all new mobile contracts with roaming services will be roam like at home.

This opens up a whole new world while you are here:

You can use Google or Apple maps for navigation

You can stream your favourite radio stations or music

You don’t need to do anything to activate this – if you have a data package, it should automatically switch to “roam like at home.”

Note this applies to anywhere in the European Union, so if you are visiting elsewhere, roaming charges will still apply

A couple of things to note are that this doesn’t apply to phone calls, so calls could still be pricey from abroad, and there are caps for pay as you go users. Either check with your operator, or have a look here: EU Internet mobile roaming costs

Walk or cycle from Arrecife to Playa Honda

Start at the Parque Temático on the sea front by the Cabildo in Arrecife.

The distance table for Lanzarote shows that the airport to Arrecife is 7km, this promenade is a lovely way to explore this area and there are loads of tapas bars and restaurants to stop at for refreshment! On a bike this didn’t take long at all about 30 minutes each way I took it very easy and stopped to take photographs.

Start out from the car park along the wide promenade, the pink brick section is for cycling, I liked the shaded seating area along this front, to the left is a view to the Gran Hotel and to the right you can see as far as the Femés mountains.

The Arrecife promenade continues until the sailing club at Playa el Cable, there the posh bricked style of pavement ends and its a rough but level path that continues around Playa La Concha.

At the beach in La Concha if you’re cycling you’ll need to decide if to dismount off your bike and carry it up the ten steps or take the well worn route across the beach and up the ramp the other side.

Update: These steps have now been replaced by a slope, so they are bike and wheelchair accessible.

The promenade widens and smoothes out again when the Avenida Playa Honda starts, all along this route were other cyclists, walkers and joggers. Here you can find the popular Restaurante Emmax and a selection of tapas bars. Look for the two houses built on the beach that are known as Casa Juan el Curita.

The massive beach of Playa Honda stretches along the coastline, there are signs marking areas for swimming and closer to the airport areas for windsurfing. Again there is a choice of bars and restaurants with lovely terraces such as the Marilyn Lounge Bar and Erik next door.

Crossing over a wooden bridge the promenade changed to tarmac with lanes for walking and cycling clearly marked, it was quite busy with walkers in this section around the Lanzarote airport runway. I was quite tempted to take time out in one of the zocos on the beach but continued to the end of the runway – here you need to be aware of sand that has blown off the beach, the track was covered in places and my bike actually stopped dead in one place.

I stopped to watch a Binter and Ryanair plane take off from Lanzarote and was quite amused to see a parking area for bicycles here. There were some workmen to be seen from the runway resurfacing project around the perimeter fences.

Once you reach Matagorda,  turn around and returned back the way you had come from. The cycle ride was easy, going back was marginally harder as you are heading into the wind towards Arrecife but still manageable what ever your level of fitness.

Playa Honda BeachAvenida Playa Honda

Marilyn & Erik BarsLifeguard hut


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