June 2017
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Cash machines and exchanging money

IMG_3950I am often asked wich is the nearest bank machine to Nazaret and the answer is Bancia in the centre of Teguise a very short distance drive, its actually walkable if you are feeling energetic! There is lots of easy parking in Teguise and it is a lovely place to have a coffee and stroll around. There are some really lovely dress shops, restaurants and galleries.

Mand and myself had a morning up there last week it really is so improved and since all the pavements have been replaced its easy to get around. Dont wear posh heeled shoes though , the cobble stones will wreck them!

We are also asked about changing money? I suggest bringing pounds and changing over here.

We have a really great Indian guy called Raj who always gives us a very fair rate. Its immediately opposite Las Maretas and the post office.

He also sells wine spirits and tobacco. His prices are as good as anywhere and I know you need not worry about his honesty, He is lovely.

We are now heading into summer and the weather is fantasic. If you are thinking of coming over please drop a line. We have a few spaces this year.

If you intend to come over next do get in early if you have fixed specific dates.

Take care hope to hear from you soon.

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