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11 Things For Mature Couples To Do In Lanzarote

  The kids have left home, and you’re still holidaying on your favourite island. You’ve probably done all the usual things here, often for the benefit of the youngsters, but now it’s time to enjoy your time in Lanzarote. Here are some suggestions of things you might not have done, but should: Hire A Car […]

New water supply below Timanfaya?

Fire and Water This is a Lanzarote water revolution. The dramatic discovery of an immense deposit of fresh water beneath the volcanoes of Timanfaya could change Lanzarote’s future.“Lanzarote was never the dry island lacking in underground water resources that the history books tell us it was. Today we are here to announce the discovery of […]

Stratvs Open or not?

Stratvs reopens Bodega Stratvs was allowed to open its doors once again last month after four years of closure. But for how much longer will it remain open? Bodega Stratvs opened in 2008, and rapidly became one of Lanzarote’s most important wine producers. Located in the heart of La Geria’s wine country, Stratvs was a […]


As part of Archie’s 4 birthday celebration we treated everyone to day out at sea with Liz and ‘ Captain Sparrow’s’   Sea Safari and what a great day it was. We arrived at 9.15 and were taken all around the bay for over 2 hours and were fortunate enough to see 3 pods of dolphins and […]

Fancy a sailing experience?

Have you ever fancied trying sailing? Endeavour Sailing based in Puerto Calero offer a try sail excursion for visitors to Lanzarote. The Try Sail day is an opportunity for up to 5 people to enjoy an exclusive sailing excursion, where you can gain hands on crewing experience, as well as a chill out lunch anchored […]

Driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road for the first time?

Here are some key things to note: We drive on the right! Cars here are left hand drive and we drive on he right side of the road. You’ll get used to it very quickly, but a couple of things might feel odd if you are used to right hand drive. You’ll find the central […]

Car hire warning! DO NOT BOOK CAR HIRE WITH YOUR FLIGHTS. Have you seen the warnings in the National press?

As always at this time of year, here’s a reminder to book your car hire. Lanzarote isn’t like mainland locations – when the cars run out (and they do!) we can’t draft more in from other areas. As availability gets low, prices go up, but also only the expensive cars tend to be left behind. […]

Teguise is a MUST visit on a none market day

Teguise the old capitol of Lazarote is renowned for its Sunday market is well worth a visit but my suggestion is to visit on a none market day and have a real ‘root’ around the shops; its a delight. Mand and myself went a few weeks ago and were really impressed how much the whole […]

Drink lots of water to keep hydrated please

Now that the hot summer season is upon us, it’s a good time to remind everyone about the importance of drinking water to keep hydrated. The guideline is to drink at least 8 x 8 ounce glasses a day which is approximately 2 litres a day. You shouldn’t wait to feel thirsty before you drink, […]

The Sociadad in Nazaret

Yes we have fantastic restaurants in and around Nazaret but if you fancy something cheap and cheerful within walking distance you just cant beat this little gem. Recently taken over by new owners I was treated a few weeks ago by my daughter and it was brilliant! Really well cooked basic meals at great prices. […]