April 2014
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A perfect week here on the Rock!

My friend Yvonne who loves the island went out yesterday armed with her camera. Like me she loves the north. You can keep the touristy resorts get out into the REAL Lanzarote and see how wonderful  it really is. Many of these shots are in the area around Orzola ( have you ever been?) If [...]

Late availability

I have just been told off by a client who says why haven’t I been putting late availability on this page? Well for one reason we haven’t had very much as I think you all decided to get away from the rain! Right here you are…. LATE AVAILABILITY Casa Galles is available for Easter bookings [...]

The Manrique house in Haria is SO worth a visit!

After hearing many glowing reports we decided to head off to Haria this morning to see the latest Manrique addition to the Island; this is where the great man lived and I quite understand why he is is so loved and revered. Nestled in ‘the land of 1000 palms’  his house is a delight. It [...]

Spring in Lanzarote

Just to give you an idea what its like here in February. These lovely photos were taken by good friends who enjoyed the ‘Tabayesco circular’ walk. a couple of weeks ago. Its glorious here today sunshine and blue blue sky. The waves are fabulous and the sea so glorious. We are so lucky. Have a [...]

TV in Lanzarote

I promised to keep you in the picture re what was happening re the repositioning of the satellite. A week ago we lost both ITV and BBC which was a blow! However all our villas have a Sky system so there are still many channels available and having recently spent time in hotels in the [...]

Yes I have been quiet ..sorry gadding around the Caribbean

A lovely 3 week break thank you Kate and Carole for taking care of things for me. What news? The circumvalacion continues to be a nightmare bridges disappear over night and roundabouts appear the next morning. As soon as there is a definite road plan I will of course re do the PDF files but [...]

The new road ‘up North’

Any one heading to Nazaret or the North of the island please take care. As you leave the airport follow the directions I give you. When you come to the circumvalacion  you will see the road is being changed  to a duel carriageway nothing to worry about just follow the road ( ignore all the [...]


All the very best for a happy and healthy 2014. The weather here is glorious today fab blue sky no wind and 23 degrees all our visitors are happy as you can imagine. Barstro excelled at both Christmas and New Year..apparently last night was superb I am so pleased the Paul, Victor and the team [...]

Goodbye Cliff

Many of our friends will be familiar with Cliff our feral cat who we found on a cliff over 17 years ago. Sadly we had to have him put to sleep yesterday. He went downhill very quickly and Jane our lovely vet said he was having breathing difficulties and the strain on his heart was [...]

A Very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year from us all

After trying for an hour to give you a festive photo I gave up. Leo just freaked out and said NO to dressing up as Rudolf ( you can hardly blame him!) Archie was much more co-operative but he too hit the bottle after the session. We wish all of you reading this the most [...]