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Just to update you on availability. Of course if it is last minute we give great reductions! Luca September 17th – 23rd November 13th – December 24th Solymar – September 7th – 15th ( 8 days) October 19th -26th November 16th – 26th December 2nd 9th Albarino August 31st – September 7th November 6th – […]

Fish baked in salt.

If like us, you love fresh fish in Lanzarote, here’s the simplest of recipes which tastes amazing! Buy two fresh fish and a bag of coarse sea salt (Salinas de Janubio if possible) from the supermarket. We like Sama Dorada with this recipe, ask the fishmonger to clean the fish but leave it whole (limpiar […]

Fresh fish of the day?

Lanzarote Fresh Fish Of The Day There is nothing better than a fresh fish lunch eaten at a restaurant situated over looking the sea somewhere along the coast in Lanzarote. Most of the time we leave which fish of the day up to the waiter and we’ve yet to be disappointed. The Spanish name of the […]

Strange garden In Teguise?

You may not know what it’s called but I’ll bet most of you have noticed the peculiar house with the garden of statues in La Villa de Teguise, this is the work of Don Pillimpo. For anyone approaching the Sunday market in Teguise from the direction of San Bartolomé, Pillimpo’s garden is situated on the […]

We return and someone was glad to see us!

We have been on a 4 week cruise cruise from Bangkok to Dubai visiting the most fantastic countries. They went from the sublime to the ridiculous. We were sailing on the Regent Seven seas line and it was brilliant. Everything went smoothly over here; leaving the business in Kate Mark and Amanda’ s capable hands. Carole and John […]

A place often missed the Monumento al Campesino in San Bartolome

The distinctive Monumento a la Fecundidad created by César Manrique marks the entrance to the Monumento al Campesino in San Bartolomé. The white fertility sculpture was constructed from disused water tanks and dedicated to the conejero farmers who work so hard to produce crops from the volcanic land in Lanzarote. It stands 15 metres high […]